Ontario looks to eliminate enhanced driver's licences

The provincial government is looking at getting rid of enhanced driver's licences in Ontario.

The program was introduced in 2009 after the U.S. began requiring travellers to present a passport at land and water border crossings.

Touted as the solution for people who wanted to travel to the United States but did not want to get a Canadian passport the enhanced licence costs an extra $40.

Ministry of Transportation spokesman Bob Nichols says about 60,000 people currently have the secure ID out of 10.2 million drivers in Ontario.

He says the program brings in about $182,000 dollars of revenue each year and eliminating it will save the province about $100,000 in administration costs.

British Columbia and Manitoba have enhanced driver's licences, and Quebec used to, but phased out the program in 2014 due to cost and lack of public interest.