Ontario supports small distilleries with $4.9 million

Ontario is establishing a $4.9-million support program for small distillers and cideries.
The program will give eligible distillers up to $4.42 per litre of sales made to the LCBO, to establishments with liquor licences, and at on-site retail stores.
Cideries will get up to 74 cents per litre on sales made to the LCBO and restaurants, bars and venues with liquor licences.
Both distillers and cideries can receive up to $220,000 per year.
The Ontario Craft Cider Association, which represents 27 craft cider makers, says the program will help independent, small producers increase their capacity and hire more staff.
In the last fiscal year, sales from small distillers increased 62 per cent and craft ciders grew 54 per cent.