Open house tonight regarding Forks Road Bridge

Residents are expected to turn up in force for a meeting about the Forks Road Bridge.

The bridge in Welland has been closed indefinitely since engineers deemed it unsafe for vehicular traffic.

Welland Regional Councillor Leanna Villella updated CKTB's Tim Denis on the current state of the talks surrounding the bridge.

"We did bring it, with the mayor and my fellow colleague Pat Chiocchio, to regional council to see if we could upload the bridge or get some funding for it, but it was turned down. So it is dead in the water with regards to the region.

During the regional council meeting Mayor Frank Campion warned, "That bridge is going to fall into the canal. If that falls into the canal its going to cost way more money to get it out of there, number one, and it's going to significant impede the ability to build another bridge or provide other access."

The open house is scheduled for tonight at the Carrie Lynn Pinard Centre at 6 p.m.