OPP remind drivers of Move Over Law ahead of long weekend

The OPP will be cracking down on drivers failing to move over for emergency vehicles this long weekend.

Under the Move Over Law, drivers are required to slow down and, if possible, move into an adjacent lane when approaching an emergency vehicle at the side of the road with the lights flashing.

During the first half of this year, more than 930 charges have been laid as many drivers just don't seem to be getting the message.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says some people don't understand the law.

"They think it's just courtesy to move over they don't realize it's the law and when you get handed a $490 ticket with 6 demerit points attached to that upon conviction, it sends a pretty strong message."

Schmidt points out failure to follow the law can have deadly consequences.

"When we look at all the historical fatalities of police officers in my world, the vast majority of these people and officers have been killed in motor vehicle collisions and many of them killed by other motorists who weren't paying attention and blindly drove into the back of an officer."

Police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances, and tow trucks are all considered emergency vehicles.