OSPCA not to laying charges in Beamsville cat hoarding

Ontario SPCA say they will not be laying charges in the Beamsville cat hoarding case due to lack of evidence.

The property on Merritt Road became known as a cat drop off site, because the tenant took in unwanted felines.

But that tenant left months ago and left cats roaming the property, unfed and uncared for.

Rescue workers estimate there were more than 150 living cats at this location.

Ontario SPCA Inspector and Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society Kevin Strooband says there has been no evidence at this point to suggest that there has been any cruelty.

Strooband says the LCHS took in four cats that needed care; all four needed spaying/neutering, two needed dental work, and one had an ear problem.

The Martindale Animal Clinic helped all four cats free of charge.

He says if new evidence comes forward that would support a charge, they will lay charges.