OSPCA says it will no longer enforce animal cruelty laws

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has notified the provincial government that it will no longer investigate and enforce animal cruelty laws.

They say will not sign a new contract after the current one expires at the end of March.

CEO Kate MacDonald says the current model is no longer working.

“Enforcement is the responsibility of government, one that we can confidently support by offering animal protection services to enforcement agencies. Being an outside agency, we have been woefully under-resourced to provide legislation enforcement. We have struggled to meet the need and have struggled with both Officer safety and, at times, conflicts with our charitable mission. It is simply not in the interests of animals or this charity to continue along the same path.”

She says the organization will shift into a support role in animal cruelty investigations, and provide shelter for animals, veterinary services, and forensic evidence when needed.

The OSPCA has enforced animal cruelty laws in Ontario for the past 100 years.