Outgoing Pelham Mayor thinks the Ford government could still mess with Niagara

Outgoing Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn doesn't think the Ford government is done messing with Niagara. 

On December 6th, the newly elected regional council is to select a new chair but Augustyn thinks the Ford government could intervene. 

Speaking to CKTB's Niagara in the Morning,  Augustyn says the PC government was elected on a mandate of efficiencies and governance and appointing a chair to start a governance review could be the first step. 

"One way to do that, would be if the government were to appoint the chair and say we are going to appoint a caretaker chair to oversee governance reform.  I think that's one thing, certainly they have the power to do, and they may do so for political reasons. I think it's a real potential for them to step in and really ensure that this region has the governance discussion" 

IT wouldn't be the first time the Ford government has stepped in, , just hours before nominations closed for the municipal election in July the Ford government nixed the election for the regional chair at large.