Parents worried about possible teacher lockout as talks continue

Some parents with children in elementary Catholic schools in Niagara are starting to feel the pressure over the threat of a possible teacher lockout.

This is day two of the latest round of bargaining between the Niagara Catholic District School Board and the union representing elementary teachers.

Both sides are meeting with a provincial mediator as a lockout deadline looms.

The Board will be locking out permanent elementary teachers on Monday if a deal is not reached.

A parent of a grade four child is speaking out saying she won't send her son to school if there is a lockout.

Dina tells CKTB her son has Type 1 Diabetes and she doesn't feel comfortable sending him to school without his regular teachers who are trained to identify the symptoms of his life-threatening condition.

She says if there is a lockout she won't be sending her two children to school.

Dina, who works part-time is also concerned with finding last minute care for her children since the possible lockout is only days away.

Another mother, Kate Hingston joined CKTB's Larry Fedoruk saying that she won't be sending her children to school in the event of a lockout to help keep numbers down.

She says she has the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom and she will keep her kids at home to ease the stress put on the system by parents who don't have a choice.

Hingston is hopeful that a deal will be reached, but thinks kids will be at home Monday.

She says if the issues were easy to solve, they would have already reached an agreement.

The last time the two sides met, they wrapped up over 24 hours of bargaining without a deal.

The board was responding to questions from concerned parents on social media

Some parents are asking if they will be able to send their children to school in the event of a lockout.

The board responded that schools will be open to students on Monday, and their advice is to be prepared with alternative child care in place if parents do not wish to send children in the event of a lockout.

The board also saying that in the event of a lockout there will be picketing, and there may be brief moments when parents would be stopped as they enter the parking lot.

The board confirming that if there is a lockout, parents will still use the Safe Arrival System to call in absences if parents choose to keep your child at home.