PC MPP deletes tweet following backlash

A Haldimand Norfolk PC MPP taking some flak for a tweet he sent out linking D Day to the sale of beer in corner stores.

Toby Barrett tweeting out, "With June 6th being the 75th anniversary of D Day, I would like to say that we have the liberty to debate issues like beer in corner stores thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of brave Canadians who defended our freedom in battle."

The controversial post has since been deleted.

Hamilton NDP MPP Monique Taylor took a screenshot of the message and shared it on Twitter, calling it shameful and disrespectful.

In her tweet Taylor wrote, "This government's obsession with beer is absurd."

NDP MPP for Niagara Centre Jeff Burch also took a screenshot of the now deleted tweet and responded, saying "14,000 Canadian soldiers fought on D-Day. 1,074 were wounded. 359 were killed. They do not deserve to be a Conservative talking point. Toby Barrett should be ashamed. This is exceptionally disrespectful."

courtesy Jeff Burch on Twitter