Peewee hockey team helps coach find kidney donor

A 38 year old hockey coach is making it his mission to raise awareness about organ donation after members of his peewee team helped him find a kidney donor.

Stephen Gillis is living with Crohn's disease, and when his team learned he needed a new kidney in January they filmed a video with a nationwide plea for help.

Someone now has stepped forward to give the coach a new kidney - it turns out Michael Teigen, a former work colleague, was a perfect match.

"I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel towards Michael for being my life-saving hero and being so selfless." Gillis writes on Facebook. "I will never fully comprehend his kindness or motivation, but he has a mover/lawn mower/shoe cleaner for life in me."

Gillis is now advocating for all provinces to make organ donation an 'opt-out' system. 

Recently, the Peter Kormos Memorial Act that would implement an opt-out system in Ontario was reintroduced by NDP Health Critic France Ginas.

April is organ donation month.


This video contains course language.