Pelham considering next step in fight with region

It looks like  Pelham may fire back at the region over accusations the town was mismanaging taxpayer money.

Post Media reporting  council met behind closed doors this week to consider its next step in the ongoing battle with the region over the town's debt load.

Councillors voting to ask the town’s chief administrative officer, Darren Ottaway, to put together an action plan in response to the region's allegations.

The action plan will be considered by council at its July 24 meeting.

At issue, a presentation made to the region, by local developer Rainer Hummel, who alleges the town overpaid for a parcel of land it bought to build a new community centre.

Hummel told regional council It looks to me nothing more than a backdoor way of bonusing a developer.

A Pelham councillor pointing out under provincial law  municipalities must buy land at the appraised value.