Pelham Mayor confused over Regional Councillor's allegations

Pelham's Mayor is confused about why a Regional Councillor wouldn't approach him about the town's financial concerns before bringing it to Regional Council.

Dave Augustyn joining CKTB's Tom McConnell saying he wonders why Port Colborne Regional councillor Dave Barrick didn't contact him prior to bringing forward a motion at last week's regional council meeting.

The motion expressing concern that Pelham's debt load had the potential to impact the region's credit rating.

Augustyn says the motion wasn't even labelled clearly on the agenda, saying it was titled Taxpayer Affordability Guidelines.

Augustyn says they are taking the allegations very seriously and they have prepared a 300 page report to show the town is fiscally responsible.

A public meeting will be held before the end of the month for residents who are concerned about the town's finances.

Augustyn says all the town's experts will be there to go through each and every issue brought up in the motion.

McConnell asked Augustyn is he thinks the motion has anything to do with distracting public attention away from the NPCA.

Augustyn says he doesn't know and obviously Pelham is totally separate from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, but he admits Pelham has been strong in terms of their criticism of the Authority's openness and transparency.

Barrick will join CKTB's Lee Sterry at 1:45pm today.

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