PICTURES | Port Dalhousie flooding images captured on drone

Amazing comparison pictures of Port Dalhousie.

Flooding has once again hit the popular beach area in St.Catharines.

Mike Duyn took the aerial images by drone showing how record Lake Ontario water levels have impacted the area.

The life-long St.Catharines man also captured pictures of conditions two years ago to show a comparison.

Similar to 2017 flooding, parts of the beach, the piers, and the park are under water.

There is some good news, officials say water levels on Lake Ontario have likely reached their peak for the year.

 The International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board says decreased precipitation and increased outflows indicate levels will stay steady or start to decline next week.

 However, the board warns that levels remain well above average, and they're urging people to keep an eye on local forecasts and flood warnings.

 Water levels on Lake Ontario reached a new record high this year, just two years after setting the previous record.

Mike Duyn, June 3 2019