Pig Save Activist compared to Gandhi, Mandela

A Toronto woman charged with mischief for giving water to pigs on a truck as they headed to slaughter on a hot day will be back in court on May 4th to hear the judge's decision.
 Anita Krajnc's lawyer told a Burlington courtroom in closing arguments that his 49-year-old client acted in the public good when she gave water to the pigs in June of 2015.
Defence lawyer Gary Grill compared Krajnc's actions, and the resulting legal battle,to the experiences of historic rights activists such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony.
Krajnc, who pleaded not guilty to the mischief charge,says she was moved by the comparisons to such noteworthy figures.
The Crown argued that the pigs were the property of a farmer, and that Krajnc had no right to interfere with them.