Police arrest motorcycle driver after numerous complaints.

A motorcycle driver has been arrested after numerous complaints from Pelham residents.

The complaints started flooding in during the month of June. Residents reported a blue and white Suzuki sport bike driven in the Regional Road 20, Welland Road, and Canboro area in a reckless manner.

Some of the reports claimed the driver was speeding along at more than 140 km/h and popping wheelies.

During the course of the investigation the driver pulled high speed wheelies in a Port Colborne school zone, prompting a police chase.

This morning 25 year old Thomas Cody Duggan of Pelham was arrested and charged with the following:

Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle (x3)
 Flight From Police
Theft Under $5000
 Breach of Recognizance Order (x5)
 No insurance
 No licence plate 
 Failure to register a vehicle.