Police say pot dispensaries still illegal-there's no grey area

Despite pending legislation to legalize marijuana, police in St. Catharines moved in yesterday and busted an illegal pot dispensary operating in the city.

Police raided the Wright Street dispensary where they arrested several people and seized  2902 grams of processed marijuana, 135 grams of shatter, 322 pre rolled marijuana cigarettes and 370 marijuana oil capsules, along with $4,650.00 in cash.

The drugs have a street value of $39,500.

Charged with trafficking, 38 year old Angela Millar and 32 year old Abbigail Millar.

Police would like to remind the public marijuana dispensaries are still illegal and the sale of pot from these locations is considered trafficking.

Police add unfortunately members of the public believe that marihuana dispensaries are in a "grey" area, and they are not.