Police seize drugs and arrest three in Project Iceburg

Police making three arrests in an ongoing investigation entitled Project Iceberg.

Police say they began investigating a federal parolee in January who they learned was actively trafficking in crystal meth in Welland.

The investigation quickly expanded as members of a criminal network were identified.

As a result police were granted six search warrants that led to over $40,000 in drugs being taken off the streets including crystal meth, cocaine, percocet, and a small marijuana grow op. 

Along with the drugs officers seized a handgun, rifle, and ammunition as well as a quantity of cash and trafficking indicators. 

Police have charged 30 year old Wayne Sodtka and 31 year old Natasha Smagata, both of Welland, with possession for the purpose of trafficking.
A third Welland resident, 23 year old Scotty Mitchel is facing a long list of charges including trafficking in meth, cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana.

He is also charged with unlawfully producing marijuana and possession of prohibited firearms.