Port Colborne council to consider motion to replace NPCA board members

The scandal plagued Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority back in the news.

Port Colborne city council will debate a motion tonight, demanding the NPCA replace all its board members with candidates selected by each municipality in the region.

The motion reads the NPCA has demonstrated an inablity to operate as an effective, open and transparent conservation authority.

Meanwhile a local group, hoping to get the Niagara River designated a wetland of international importance, has given up on the NPCA.

After attempting to get the agency to endorse their petition, the Niagara Falls Review reports the group, sent a notice to the NPCA reading " in order to relieve the NPCA Board of this apparent discomfort, we are hereby withdrawing our request for the NPCA's endorsement and thank you for your consideration."

NPCA board chair Sandy Annunziata blaming the situation on a communications breakdown.