Port Colborne to work with water quality group

Water testing

Swim Drink Fish was right.  There are high E.coli levels in Sugarloaf Marina.

The grassroots water testing group tested the quality last month and made the discovery.

Niagara Region's Public Health Unit  followed up with its own testing and it showed a reading of 206 units of E. coli per 100-ml sample.

Port Colborne CAO Scott Luey says the area is not usually tested as it's a marina and not a beach.

Luey tells CKTB city staff has been shown how to do the testing  and now will be doing it independently of the region.

He also says Port Colborne will be working with Swim Drink Fish and a meeting is planned this week.

Luey says "the ultimate result for us is going  be a clean environment and safety for the community" so there's no reason not to work together.