Port Colborne works to address issues at city's "unofficial" beach


Port Colborne is dealing with a problem as more and more people show up to their "secret" beach.

Pleasant Beach is technically "just a road" according to CAO Scott Luey, and is not on the city's website of officially listed beaches.

That's because the "beach" is mostly private property with the city owning just a narrow 66 foot stretch extending from the road to the shoreline.

Luey points to problems with inadequate bathroom provisions and another issue with beach goers spilling over into privately owned land causing a classic "get off my lawn" conflict with home owners.

Parking is also very limited at Pleasant Beach. Luey says the 10 legal spots quickly fill up and it becomes a free-for-all with drivers shoehorning their cars in wherever possible.

With all those vehicles, Luey says the fire chief has expressed concerns of accessibility in the event of an emergency call to the beach.

Some entrepreneurial residents have taken to running unofficial parking services on their properties, which the city warns is illegal.

Going forward, Port Colborne will have to decide how to reconcile the situation.

CAO Scott Luey says option one is to close up the beach and sell it off to a private owner.

Option two would be to invest in the area by creating parking and bathroom infrastructure, and promote Pleasant Beach as an official destination for residents looking to enjoy the sunshine.