Pot-friendly hotel in Niagara Falls could be opening in a just few months

Pink elephant

Cannabis tourism is on the rise in Niagara Falls as a Hamilton-based entrepreneur is in the process of opening a pot-friendly hotel.

Conrad Floyd has spent close to $4 million revamping a rundown hotel on Lundy's Lane.

He joined Matt Holmes on CKTB to discuss the future of the trailblazing hotel.

Floyd says that a cannabis-themed wedding is something he "really wants to do".

He says the Pink Elephant Inn is about 2 or 3 months away from taking reservations and that the City and his neighbours have been nothing but supportive. "Everything from the neighbours has been completely 100% positive." Adding, "It's going to totally change people's thinking about what a hotel on Lundy's Lane can be".

Floyd says there will also be cannabis plants growing on site primaily for educational purposes.

He says the Pink Elephant Inn will be gifting cannabis to visitors, not directly selling it.