Private event to close Niagara Parkway

A private event slated for tomorrow will force the full closure of the Niagara Parkway between Fraser Hill and Clifton Hill. 

About 5,000 top sales people with NU Skin will be hosting a private gala event in Queen Victoria Park. 

Nu Skin is a Chinese based company specializing in anti aging skin care and nutrition products

A giant stage has been put up for the event in the area of the annual New Years eve show.

NPC Chair Janice Thompson says the 4,000 delegates will bring major economic benefits to the entire region as they are slated to visit Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Hornblower boats as well as local restaurants. 

Thompson maintains it's only a traffic closure and the Niagara Parkway will still be accessible to pedestrians. 

The Parkway will be closed from Fraser Hill to Clifton Hill from 7 to 11 pm tomorrow night.