Project Bike Swipe a success in Niagara Falls with 22 people facing charges

Project Bike Swipe is being called a success by Niagara Regional Police.

22 people are facing a total of 46 charges with over 43 bicycles recovered as part of the operation in Niagara Falls.

Since June 2018 a Street Crime Unit along with front line officers patrolled well-known areas of bike thefts, while also working to educate residents and local business owners to prevent thefts.

The operation also identified 5 people involved in high end bike thefts, which resulted in a search warrant being executed on August 30th, which recovered 5 bicycles with a combined estimated value of $28,000.

All 5 are facing multiple theft and possession of stolen property charges, along with conspiracy to commit indictable offence charges.

Detectives continue to ask residents to be vigilant in locking up their valuables and ask hotel owners, campground operators and merchants in the area are asked to remind out-of-town visitors who may have materials secured to their vehicles to store them in a secure location such as their hotel room.

In order to assist police in identifying the rightful owner of a stolen bike, it is important to record the serial number of a bike and keep it for future reference. 

This is quickly and easily done by taking a picture of the bicycle and any unique or identifying markers, including the serial number or any scratches and/or stickers on the bike, and storing the information on a cellphone.