Proposed lawsuits allege deplorable conditions at nursing care homes

WARNING | this story contains graphic details and images.

A pair of proposed class action lawsuits are taking aim at two major nursing care home providers.

Medical malpractice lawyer Amani Oakley says she has been hearing from families desperately seeking help after their loved ones were left in deeply concerning conditions.

The allegations contained within a release from Oakley are horrific: maggots crawling inside a leg wound left uncleaned for days, a woman forced to live with a catheter that would remain unchanged for more than two months, and a man forced to cope with gaping bed sores.

"The problem is a huge one, and one which seems to be ever-present, despite decades of reporting by equally appalled journalists," Amani said via a release, "so it’s time we met the challenge with a powerful legal team which is prepared to expose these abuses and attain some justice for residents and their families. Really, I think Canadians have to say 'enough

The lawsuits target two companies - Extendicare and Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation. Leisureworld is now known as Sienna Senior Living.

Both companies operate facilities within the Niagara Region.

Oakley says the family of Shirley Murphy came to her after they witnessed poor care at an Extendicare facility in Toronto. The family claims that in addition to suffering from an inserted catheter left unchanged for months, a PSW told Murphy to 'clean up her own mess' in the washroom. When the woman tried to follow the instructions she fell and broke her ankle. The family says the woman was left on the floor for almost a half hour.

The family of Jose Novo also came to Oakley with their concerns; reportedly the family watched as Novo became emaciated, his flesh covered in bed sores while living at Leisureworld's Tullamore Nursing Home in Brampton. The family alleges the home continuously failed to ensure that he was receiving fluids and food. The family included photos of Novo's bedsores.

CTV News reached out to both companies for comment. Sienna said "We have just received the claim, and are currently reviewing it," while an Extendicare official says, "We do not believe this lawsuit has merit and intend to demonstrate this through the court process."

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Image courtesy Amani Oakley

Image courtesy Amani Oakley