Push to repeal bylaw allowing York Region stores to open on Family Day

Labour activists and some politicians are pushing for a local government north of Toronto to repeal a bylaw that allows retailers to remain open on statutory holidays such as Family Day.

The Toronto and York Region Labour Council has posted a petition calling on York Region councillors to review a bylaw that gives businesses the option to stay open 364 days a year every day except Christmas Day.

The Holiday Shopping Bylaw, enacted in November, exempts the region from a provincial law requiring most businesses to close for nine statutory holidays every year.

Seventeen of 20 councillors in the region, which consists of nine municipalities including Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, Ont., voted in favour.

One of those opposed was Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, who says the region's 64,000 retail workers weren't consulted about a bylaw that directly affects them.

He says there's a growing movement to have it repealed.