Racist tweet sent from former long-time Brock professor's account

Brock University says a professor who allegedly made a racist tweet this week no longer works at the University.

University officials confirming that Garth Stevenson retired in 2012 from Brock.

The tweet which was sent from Stevenson's account and which has now been taken down talks about an experience at the Shaw Festival this week.

It reads that an actor made a tribute to aboriginal people who lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake before settlers arrived praising them for their stewardship of the land.

The tweet states that he's sick of so called "First Nations" or "Indigenous" or whatever they call themselves.

The tweet says this is "OUR country and not theirs and we don't need to apologize for being here".

It reads that he will never speak to a member of the public of that "ethnic group" again.

When trying to reach out to Stevenson, his Twitter account has been temporarily restricted.

On Linkedin Stevenson reports that he was a political science professor at Brock for 31 years.

Brock University responded on Twitter saying "Garth Stevenson retired from Brock University more than half a decade ago, in 2012. Any comments he makes on social media or elsewhere are his own. Brock University has no connection whatsoever with his views, and abhors comments that have been posted on his social media sites." 


President of the Niagara Regional Native Centre Sean Vanderklis sent the following letter to Brock this morning: