Rash of kitchen fires has St.Catharines Fire asking you to brush up on cooking safety tips

St. Catharines Fire wants to make sure you know how to put out a kitchen fire after a third grease in less than a month.

Acting Fire Chief Jeff McCormick is urging residents to be careful when cooking and to know how to protect themselves in the event of a kitchen fire.

McCormick says grease fires are very dangerous but they can be contained quickly by covering the burning pot or pan with a lid and turning off the heat.

He says residents should never move a burning pot or attempt to put out a grease fire with water.

St. Catharines firefighters responded to 15 Louisa St. around 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, June 2 and quickly extinguished remnants of a smoldering fire, which started to spread when the hot grease was spilled in other areas of the kitchen.

One resident suffered serious burns while moving the burning grease pot to outside the home and was taken to hospital.

The fire caused an estimated $1,000 in damage.

The home did not have working smoke alarms.

Cooking fires are one of the leading causes of fires in Ontario and the acting fire chief reminds residents to never leave cooking unattended.

“When you put food on the stove it is absolutely not the time to check your phone, have a rest or take a shower,” said McCormick. “When you’re cooking you should be looking. Turn off the stove if you have to leave the kitchen.”