Reaction on Niagara's first pot shop location

You could be stopping for some weed before heading to Lakeside Park in St.Catharines this summer.

The Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario giving notice today that one of the first cannabis stores in Ontario would like to setup shop at the corner of Lake and Lakeshore in St. Catharines.

Carlos Garcia is the councillor for the area.

He says he's seen some legal stores in his travels, "Stores are so attractive and upscale, they certainly not going to be detremental to this plaza or this neighbourhood."

Stores in the plaza are also on board with the idea. Tom Jefferson, manager of the Avondale says, "we already got a wine store, and bar here. it would be good for business especially if they want to come here to buy rolling papers." He adds, "Oh we will probably ordering more Doritos, Ruffles and peanuts."

The location is about 400 metres away from Pine Grove Public School. The provincial legislation requires that stores are at least 150 metres away from any school.

A company called "The Niagara Herbalist" are behind the proposed pot shop.

The public has 15 days to file any objections.