Regional Council agrees to help with funding for Canada Games

Niagara Regional Council is picking up the slack as officials from the Canada Games worry the province's funding commitment won't be met on time.

The Canada Games will draw 5,000 amateur athletes from all provinces to Niagara as they compete in a full slate of events including cycling, sailing, and swimming.

All levels of government have promised to pony up some funding for infrastructure investments, including a new Canada Games Park at Brock University which will host many of the events.

Following a presentation from officials with the Games where they voiced their concerns, council voted to chip in an additional $13.7 million from the Federal gas tax funding.

The hope is Niagara will get that money back once the province meets its funding promises later down the road.

The gallery erupted in applause as the motion passed with almost unanimous support; the lone holdout was Fort Erie mayor Wayne Redekop.

The Canada Games come to Niagara in August of 2021.