Rick Dykstra accused of sexual misconduct

While he made no mention of allegations of sexual misconduct in his resignation tweet last night, Rick Dykstra is the subject of a MacLean's magazine report alleging sexual misconduct.

His resignation reportedly came two hours after MacLean's published a story about an alleged incident involving a young Conservative staffer February 11th, 2014, when Dykstra was the MP for St. Catharines.

According to the report, the woman claims, the two had been partying at a bar with other Conservative members when Dykstra jumped into her cab as she was on her way home and gave the driver his address.

The woman then alleges he assaulted her in his bedroom, she says she fled when he went to the bathroom.

She admits they were both drunk at the time.

She filed a report with Ottawa police, who investigated, but afterwords the victim decided not to lay charges and police dropped the case.

The young woman has asked to remain anonymous fearing the report will jeopardize her career.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Dykstra's son Zach has taken to Twitter to address the allegations.

He writes "There is little I can say right now except that all allegations of this nature always deserve to be taken very seriously. I know my father plans to address these allegations in a serious way. I love my family, and obviously this has been devastating for us."