Ryerson application for digital media zone asks for less city commitment

Niagara Falls City Council held a special meeting Tuesday,  to discuss the city's second attempt to get a digital media zone in the downtown core. 

Council was provided a business development report that showed the scale of the second application submitted by Ryerson has diminished.

The first application submitted back in 2015 required a 6 year commitment from the city with $8.5 million dollars and approximately $1.5 million worth of in-kind contributions. 

The 2017 application  requires a contribution of 4.2 million over 5 years. 

This was the first time Council discussed the application in an open session of council. 

Council met in-camera in February 2015 to discuss the city’s portion of support for the first application.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s office concluded the city contravened closed-meeting provisions of the Municipal Act when it did that.