Sad ending to the search for Grimsby's David Martens


A sad ending to the search for a missing Grimsby father.

Niagara Regional Police say an autopsy has confirmed that the body of man pulled from Lake Ontario in Lincoln yesterday is that of 46 year old David Martens.

Martens was reported missing last weekend after driving to the Beacon Harbour and reportedly renting a kayak.

His car was found at the Beacon.

Police say the circumstances around Martens' death remain under investigation, however foul play is not suspected. 

Martens' body was discovered in the water near Sandy Cove Drive in Lincoln, just off the North Service Road, not far from the Beacon Marina.

The fathers' family and police are thanking the community for their assistance and support.

Martens is described as an avid swimmer and athlete.

A triathlon was held in Grimsby on Saturday, and had to cancel its swimming component following a sharp drop in the water temperature.

It's not clear if the water temperature played a role in his death.

Martens worked in Vaughn, ON at a plumbing supply shop and lived in Grimsby with his wife and two young sons.

Martens also has a daughter.