Sam Oosterhoff back in the news today after pledging to make abortion 'unthinkable' at rally

A Niagara West MPP is back in the news today for his anti-abortion views.

PC Sam Oosterhoff attended an anti-abortion rally in Toronto today, and told the crowd he pledges to make abortion "unthinkable."

Two other MPP's spoke at the event also announcing their pro-life stance.

Oosterhoff has been in the news this week after his constituency office staff called police on protesting seniors.

He admits that mistakes were made and he will be reviewing protocol.

At today's rally Oosterhoff proclaimed to the crowd that he is pro-life, and he thinks children should be allowed to live, no matter how small they are.

Premier Doug Ford says the abortion debate will not be reopened in Ontario.

Oosterhoff, who is now 21 years old, is the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament.

Meantime, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was quick to make a statement regarding Oosterhoff's anti-abortion stance.

She says she is horrified that Ford continues to refuse to denounce his MPPs’ dangerous, anti-choice and anti-women position.

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