Saying goodbye to Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory

It's expected to be a big weekend for television as the last episode ever of Game of Thrones airs.

Many die-hard fans approach Sunday night with some trepidation after some felt last week's episode left them feeling disappointed.

So much so, that an online petition calling for the entire season to be re-written has now passed 759,000 signatures.

Whatever happens, it is expected to be a record breaking weekend as viewers wait to see who does, or doesn't, take the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile, the Big Bang Theory aired its final episode last night.

It first started in 2007, and ran for 12 seasons.

By the time the lights went out, The Big Bang Theory had clocked 279 episodes, beating the record for most episodes for a multi-camera series previously set by Cheers (275 episodes)