Seniors gather for 'tailgate party' at Oosterhoff's office

A group of seniors organized in the parking lot of Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff's Beamsville constituency office today to protest cuts made to library funding.

An event on Facebook was created for today's protest.

The event, "Tailgate Party Read-in at Sam Oosterhoff's", was created by Elaine Anderson and Suzette Taylor.

This time the group was 40 people strong, and all 40 stayed for an hour in the parking lot.

David Fowler attended today's event and tells CKTB people were enjoying themselves.

Attendees were encouraged to BYOB(ook), or grab a 'six pack' of books.

Fowler says organizers read from "The Cremation of Sam McGee", a Canadian classic that he says is not available in ebook format through the library.

Fowler says they did not have contact with Oosterhoff or his staff as they sat outside.

Just a few weeks ago group of about 15 seniors gathered in the office for a read in, and staff called the police.

Janet Hodgkins, a retired librarian who worked at Welland Public Library for 28 years, organized the original protest after the provincial government cut funding that allowed for interlibrary loan service.

Interlibrary loan service allows for book clubs, like the Wainfleet Public Library's book club, to receive multiple copies of the same book so that all members can all read it.

Most of the group sat in the office and began to read, and the employee called the police.

The whole ordeal took about 10 minutes. 

To hear Janet Hodgkin's original interview with CKTB's Larry Fedoruk, click here.