SIU clears Niagara police of wrongdoing in 2017 arrest

The Director of the Special Investigations Unit is clearing the Niagara Regional Police of any wrongdoing after a 2017 arrest at a Niagara Falls hotel.

Officers were called to the Howard Johnson Hotel on October 25th to remove an unwanted guest who admitted to drinking scotch with his wife that night.

Witnesses at the scene say during the arrest the man tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground.

Three months later the man called police, threatening to sue them for several injuries he claimed were a result of the arrest including broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Hospital scans show the man had rib fractures on his right side, despite claiming pain on the left.

The Director of the SIU has ruled that due to large gaps and inconsistencies in the man's story, he cannot ascertain how or when the man received his injuries and will not be laying charges.