NIAGARA VOTES | Six people looking to become Wainfleet mayor

Taxes and development are some of the issues for candidates in the Wainfleet mayoral race.

Richard Dykstra says Wainfleet is the second largest municipality in Niagara but has the smallest tax base.

He says a plan is needed to cover infastructure costs without putting it onto the taxpayer.

The mayoral hopeful says attracting businesses  to Wainfleet is difficult so they need to be creative

Dykstra says he has a workable plan and is ready to hit the ground running is he`s elected.

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Candidate Kevin Gibson, a newcomer to local politics, says he wants to contribute to his community.

He says development is the big issue everyone is talking about in Wainfleet.

Gibson says residents are worried about a big influx of people, condos and townhouses.

"Nobody out here wants that. We love our rural lifestye."

Instead, he says,  they want to see  controlled growth.

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Alderman Ted Hessels is hoping to make the jump to mayor.

Among the issues he sees in the muncipal election is the development at Lakewood Beach.

Hessels says even though there are 61 conditions surrounding the project,  "we need to get it right"  before any building permits are issued.

Like Gibson, he believes Wainfleet residents don't want to see a big change perferring the "status quo."

Hessels says he also wants "controlled growth."

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CKTB will feature the other three candiates on Sunday.