Sodium levels in foods a risk for Canadians

Canadians are at risk for eating more sodium than is considered healthy.

6 years ago, Health Canada encouraged the food industry to reduce the amount of sodium in their products by 2016. 

Today, Health Canada is evaluating the efforts industry's have made.

Results showed that reductions in most categories of processed foods were slim. 

This is an indication that additional measures are needed.

Over the next few months, Health Canada will meet with industry stakeholders and scientific experts to better understand the challenges reducing sodium.

They're also proposing regulations that aim to make it easier and faster for Canadians to make healthy choices.

Consuming large amounts of salt can lead to high blood pressure.

This puts you on the path to heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

The top contributors of sodium intake in Canada include breads, processed meats, soups, cheese, mixed dishes, and sauces.