Some areas of Niagara got hit with 45 cm of snow this week

It is the calm after the storm, and what a storm it was.

Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson says while it was difficult to get accurate snowfall totals because of the high winds, there is no doubt Niagara got blasted.

Coulson says the Grimsby area got hit with 25 to 30 cm, St. Catharines, Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls saw snowfall totals between 35 to 45 cm and Fort Erie came in around 40 cm.

Coulson says the Monday morning snowfall was the result of a storm that came up from the midwest but by Monday night,another storm from the east coast hit, and that was the one responsible for the high snowfall amounts.

As for spring's arrival on Monday at 6:30 in the morning, the meteorologist says we can expect some cooler than normal temperatures next week until the end of the month.

But he says don't despair, indications are temperatures will rebound in April.