"Something happened that shouldn't have happened" Niagara Falls Mayor on Region CAO hiring

Niagara Falls City Council has joined the call for an investigation into the hiring process for the Niagara Region's current chief administrative officer. 

Councillor Kim Craitor put forth a motion calling for a review to be done and completed before the October muncipal election.

Council unanimously approved the motion. 

Speaking to CKTB's Tom McConnell earlier today, Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, who voted in favour of Carmen D'Angelo becoming CAO in 2016, confirmed something went wrong with the process. 

"Something happened that should not have happened, there is no question about it.  And we need to find out why it happened, how it happened and make sure we got something in place, so that kind of nonsense never happens, because that is not going to attract big talent." Diodati stated. 
Calls for a probe follows a months long investigation by the St. Catharines Standard that found a memo containing information about the candidates vying for the job was leaked and sent to D'Angelo, before he landed the job. 

Regional Chair Alan Caslin has denied someone in his office leaked the confidential memo.

Caslin is calling for an independent review of the hiring process.

But when that will happen, Caslin wouldn't commit saying regional council will look at options during Thursday night's meeting.

He also dismissed calls he and D'Angelo step aside while the investigation is being conducted.