Special 'Institutional Security Teams' to be deployed at Niagara Detention Centre


The provincial government is announcing two special teams to combat drug and weapons trafficking in correctional institutions.

Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones making the announcement earlier today in Thorold that Institutional Security Teams (IST's) will be deployed at the Niagara Detention Centre, as well as the Toronto East Centre.

She joined Larry Fedoruk on CKTB to unpack more from today's announcement.

Jones explains that teams will gather intelligence from the inmate population and share that information with justice partners in order to help with other ongoing investigations outside of the facility.

She says the main role of the IST's is to find out "who is driving illegal drugs and weapons into the corrections facilities".

Jones says Institutional Security Teams are already operating at five correctional facilities across Ontario, with Niagara being the newest addition.

Corrections Officers have to apply to be chosen for the IST, with the more experienced workers typically getting the nod.

Jones says that when the IST initiative works, "it makes everyone's job easier".

You can find Larry's full interview with Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, on the CKTB website.