St. Catharines' Chief Fire Prevention Officer with a message for parents


The Chief Fire Prevention Officer with the city of St. Catharines has a reminder for parents about the importance of addressing fire safety with their children.

This coming in the wake of an incident Monday on Division Street where a garage caught fire causing considerable damage.

An investigation determined the cause to be children playing with fire starting materials.

Papp says it is natural for children to be curious about fire at an early age, but adds that children must be taught the dangers that can result from playing with fire.

That's why the Fire Service have an initiative in partnership with mental health professionals in the community, that focuses on educating children and their parents.

The Fire Service will target the fire safety behaviours and stress the consequences of playing with matches and lighters, while mental health professionals conduct any further assessments whenever applicable.

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer added "we just want to remind everyone that we are here to help and we can offer some counselling to your child if they are starting to play with fire starting materials".