St. Catharines council votes against investigation of Burgoyne Bridge investigation

St. Catharines City Council will not be launching an investigation into a Burgoyne Bridge investigation.

Last week the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project Taskforce requested the investigation as allegations began to surface regarding missing data from the city for the bridge project in 2011 and 2012.

Council was told the backup tape of data pertaining to 2011 is damaged, while the backup for the 2012 tapes was simply never done.

City officials implemented a new backup management system in 2014.

The request was voted down 10 - 1 last night. Councillor Mike Britton was the lone hold out.

During the meeting, Mayor Walter Sendzik again repeated the $100 million project is a regional issue, although the city did pitch in $3.65 million dollars.

Things got heated as councillors discussed the request; frustration was clear as Councillor Jennifer Stevens spoke.

"Let the OPP do their job...Clean up your own house before you come into ours, looking for dirt that doesn't exist."

Councillor Joe Kushner said to him, the request seems like deflection on the region's part. "They should go back and determine why they went from 60 to 100 [million dollars] rather than coming back and talking about our tapes. We're satisfied, we spent the budget, we didn't overbudget, we didn't overspend. So I think our staff did their job and I think they did it well. And I think the problem is at the region, and once again I think they are deflecting the issue."