ST.CATHARINES | Major Liberal upset with NDP Jennie Stevens elected as MPP

A major victory for St.Catharines City Councillor Jennie Stevens who has been elected as the city's next MPP.

Stevens ran for the NDP Party and was successful beating out long-time Liberal MPP Jim Bradley who has been serving the people of St.Catharines since 1977.

Bradley placed in third place behind the PC's Sandie Bellows.

Stevens, who is a St.Catharines City Councillor says she will champion to have safe injection sites in St.Catharines.

She says as a councillor she understands the needs of the city and she is looking forward to working with city officials including Mayor Walter Sendzik.

Stevens receiving 36 percent of the vote, compared to Bellows with 33 percent, and Bradley's 24 percent.