St.Catharines mom says son is stuck in a cast due to staff shortages

Imagine your toddler being in a full leg cast all summer.

Now imagine his injury being healed, but there is no one on staff at the hospital to remove the cast.

That's the frustration from a St.Catharines mother who thought her two year old son would get his leg cast removed yesterday.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells CKTB News she went to the fracture clinic at the Niagara Health's St.Catharines site Tuesday to get her toddler son's cast off after a full month of healing, but she was told there wasn't a technician on staff to remove it.

She says the doctor told her it wasn't his job to perform his duties in addition to the technician's task of taking off casts.

The mother says her two year old was supposed to get the cast off last week, but had the appointment moved to yesterday and she was shocked when her son was still left in the cast.

She says the doctor stopped talking to her and even avoided eye contact saying there was nothing he could do and she could complain to Niagara Health patient relations or the media.

She's at a loss of what to do next.

She did contact her family doctor who told her they could not remove the cast, and even if they could they would need orders from the fracture clinic.

She was hoping her busy boy would be able to enjoy the beach this summer, but she says it doesn't look like that will happen now.

Niagara Public Health issued  the following statement:

“We had an unexpected staffing issue in the fracture clinic at our St. Catharines Site on Tuesday, which unfortunately resulted in a delay during the morning. We have followed up with the mother and apologized for the negative experience.”