St. Catharines MPP takes aim at Tories over cancellation of Niagara's regional chair election

New NDP St. Catharines MPP Jennie Stevens is making waves at Queen's Park while addressing the Tory government's cancellation of Niagara's regional chair election.

During Question Period, Stevens stood up with a sharp condemnation.

"This government just can't seem to keep their argument straight. First they go on about the importance of, and I quote the Deputy Premier here, a proper end to end consultation that is completely inclusive and that hears from everyone. And then, days later, they turn around and force changes on the communities like Niagara with no word from the people. We have seen this government rail on and on and on about the importance of public consultation but they only seem to care when it serves their far right extremist friends. If public consultation is such an important part of this political process for the Conservatives why did they think it was appropriate to skip it when removing democratic rights from the people of Niagara?"

Minister for Municipal Affairs Steve Clark maintained that reducing the size of government is what the people really want. "No one but the New Democrats really believe that having more politicians is the right thing to do."