St.Catharines resident charged with keeping 28 cats


St.Catharines is reminding residents that there is a cat by-law stating homeowners should own no more than eight cats in urban areas.

The reminder comes after owners of a York Street home pleaded guilty to a charge of keeping 28 cats at their home.

They have since said they will work with officials to find new homes for the cats by the end of August.

President of Niagara Region Animal Services Kevin Strooband says too many cats can be difficult to care for, cause property damage and may result in health problems for both animals and humans.

Strooband says in these situations, it begins with kindness, but can quickly get out of hand.

For dog owners, the city allows three dogs per house hold.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding animal welfare can call the Lincoln County Humane Society at 905.682.0767.