St. Catharines teen top in Fortnite

Fortnite fans in Niagara will be interested to know about a local rising star in the video game.

18 year old Nico or 'Nixxxay' as he's known on the game is from St. Catharines and is known to millions of gamers as one of the rising stars around the world.

Nico, who graduated from Holy Cross says he is "very deep" into the game and sometimes he spends 12 hours straight playing the game.

He wants to turn his passion and skill for the game into a career, but failing that he will go to college or university.

Nico proudly tells CKTB out of 62 million people he is number one for 'kills.' 

Fortnite fans donate to Nico to financially support him to continue to play after he uploads his games online for people to watch.

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