St.Catharines woman says Sunset Beach washrooms are ' 'absolutely disgusting'

sunset beach 1

A St.Catharines resident has sent off a letter to politicians about the state of the washrooms at a local beach.

The woman sent pictures of Sunset Beach, which is located in Port Weller on Lombardy Ave to the Mayor of St.Catharines and MP Chris Bittle.

She says the beach's washrooms were 'absolutely disgusting and not maintained regularly.'

She says people were going to the bathroom behind the building because Sunset beach's washrooms were too small and disgusting to even think of going into.

The resident is hoping city officials can make changes to the bathrooms so they can resemble Port Dalhousie's.

Port Dalhousie's washrooms have been renovated in recent years.

Many beach goers have flocked to Sunset Beach instead of Lakeside Park Beach after flooding hit the Port Dalhousie beach once again this year.

The carousel remains closed.

CKTB has reached out to city officials for comment.