State of the Region: ''fabulous" growth

Niagara Regional Chair Alan Caslin delivered his 3rd annual State of the Region in Thorold this afternoon.

According to Caslin, the Region is "fabulous" in terms of growth.

His speech cited  3.5℅ growth over five years, around 16,000 people. "That puts us ahead of our neighbors in Hamilton at 3.3℅."

Unemployment is down 25 percent while housing prices are up 26 percent.

Despite the ever-growing population, proximity to the GTA, and expanding GO service, Caslin is positive that Niagara will not become a bedroom community.

"We need to make smart decisions in the growth of Niagara and I think we're doing that. There's a lot of planning going on on where that growth's going to take place, to make sure that we not only make room for people but we make room for businesses as well, because that's important."

Another point of emphasis was the bid for the 2021 Canada Summer Games and the potential 200 million dollars in economic stimulus they could bring to Niagara.

The phrase, "I'm all in" echoed throughout the crowd as Caslin encouraged attendees to show their support for the games.

He emphasized that the council is determined to win the bid, with 10.5 million dollars set aside for the games should they come to the Region.